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0628 // Armature pt.2, assembling all parts

Last week I have made most of the parts for my first armature. Now it’s time to finish the last few pieces and finally bring everything together!

After a few trips to bunnings I still couldn’t find a suitable bolt/screw for the feet -- the shortest bolt they had was 9mm which was still way too tall.

I ended up coiling copper wires around the armature feet and the steel plate -- it actually worked out quite well.

Then like with the arms, I hot shrink tubed it up, then slotted inside a K&S. 

For the spin, I’m using a thick 1/8’’ armature wire, which connects the rib cage and the pelvis.

The spin is secured at the pelvis with epoxy, but left unglued, only tightly fitted to the rib cages. This way, the chest and shoulders can rotate freel. I used multiple layers of hot shrink tube to make sure it was a snuggly fit. 

Next, all 4 limbs are slotted into the torso and glued. And... it stands! I am pretty happy with the weight distribution. Hopefully once the head is fitted, the armature can still keep balance.

To secure all the parts further (in case the epoxy snaps for some reason), I’m encasing the rib cage and pelvis in mulliput. Once it has dried, they are hard as rocks.

They are then enclosed in polystyrene foams. This final layer will not only babushka all the other parts, it will also act as a base for the felt.