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0712 // Armature pt.3, and more felting

Taking onboard the lessons learnt from making the Man, constructing the Woman has been a lot quicker and easier this week. 

As always, she started off with an armature design. The first part that I made were her hands. With the hands, I decided not to encase the palm with the milliput because it made felting much harder.

While waiting for the hands to dry, I made the feet.  1/16’’ wires were twisted, and a loop is left to match the hole on the metal piece. The two were married with thin copper wire coils. 

The pelvis and chest piece were constructed from matching K&S tube-encased armature wires, using the exact methods from the Man’s armature. They are documented in details in my previous journals.

Epoxy joints were further protected by a layer of milliput. After everything was dried, limbs were attached to the chest and pelvis. Here, she stands bare next to the Man. Let’s flooff her up!

After 2 days of felting, her body is now complete! I didn’t stress too much about giving her details, because she will always wear clothes in the film. I’m pretty happy with her overall silhouette.