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0802 // Making felted heads for the puppets

In the past 2 weeks, I’ve been busying pushing ahead with the pre-prodction, making a construction list, editing some voice-over tests and of course, trying to finish off the puppets.

I was a bit unsure how to approach the head. I’ve tried a few different designs, all of which aimed to incoporate movable eyeballs.

After many failed attempts, I’ve finally resorted to replacement mouth rather than trying to make lips with built-in wires. 

I sculpted out the head from the foam, then severed in half to house the eyeballs. I’m using white pearls beads with painted pupils.

Something I wish i did was to completely scrap off the reflective paint on the beads’ surfaces before I put them in. Later down the track they chipped off themselves due to handling, and the uneven chipping looked really bad, so I had to make a new head.

The two halves were then glued together and left to set overnight. I made another foam base for the Man’s head while waiting.

The next morning I started to felt over the foam. I started with the skins around the eyes first, carefully needling around the thin, delicate under- and upper-eye lids, and tucking any loose felt into the eye sockets. 

The rest of the face was fairly simple, just repetitive needling and creating volumes to build the cheeks and forehead where appropriate.

Then I made the hair with brown wool, and plugged the head onto the spine, and connected it to the torso with a neck.

‘T was done!