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A Decade and Half

c.2017, 7’37’’

Twelve years of schooling is a preeminent part of our childhood and teenage lives, yet only few realise its significance. In retrospect, most people would become nostalgic about ‘the days’ and their precious memories.

This animation intends to translate such complex of emotions into a visual format, something that acts as a reminiscence to tell a story about school, to raise awareness of its meaningfulness, and to remind people to cherish their time while they still can.

A Decade and Half is a story about a boy's school life, and how this metaphorical journey that span across 12 years, had interwoven with his personal life and exerted a profound impact on his course of growing-up. From the joyous, worry-free early days, to the spur of puberty, the midpoint of confusion and rebellion; then to the stress, impatience, frustration and fear for uncertainty when the ending was fast-approaching, then when it eventually came, the bitter sadness, a sense of loss and nostalgia.

Created by Derrick Duan
Original music composed by Daniel Cui
Voice-over by James Coates
Special thanks to Jason Yo

"A Decade and Half"
Completed as part of 2017 SACE Stage 2 Visual Arts - Art folio final practical work